ConquerMarks 1.0

what's new?

It's now possible to log into your account directly using an URL. Of course, it's not as secure as a normal login, but it's much quicker, if you're the only one using the computer. To log directly into a account with username test and password test, you just have to type:


get your account

You will have to create an account before starting to manage your favourites/bookmarks online. It only takes a couple of seconds. Just click here to create your own profile.


what is it?

ConquerMarks is a free project made available by ConquerWare, which will enable you to maintain all your bookmarks online. It doesn't matter, whether you're at work, in school, down at your local library or anywhere else - you'll be able to use your own bookmarks. Normally, these services is pretty clumsy to work with, but ConquerMarks have been designed to use a minimal area of your screen and furthermore its layout looks a lot like the 'Favourites' section in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and up browsers.

Best of all, full Active Server Pages [ASP] source are available for download from:

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