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List of contributors & donators

Some people wants to donate something back to the ConquerChat community to help keep this project alive. This is very, very much appreciated since I have a lot of other projects and you usually tends to focus on the ones giving your dinner on the table. That's why it's so nice to have people helping me out. This page shows who have helped me through time.

The top contributors to the forums are:

  • Steve Craddock
  • Remi Woler

The list of paying donators are:

  • USD 50: Bleu Tango
  • USD 30: Donnie Hamlett, Eduardo Cabanas
  • USD 25: Standardzilla
  • USD 25: Vebro Solutions, Michele Baccerini, Jeff Wilson, Will Becker
  • USD 20: IBN Internet Business Network, Jerry Bruton
  • USD 15: Roger Mannon
  • USD 11: Ryan E. Parker
  • USD 10: Peter Jarvis, Paolo Fiorelli,, Inc., Ken Blair, Ryan Parker
  • USD 7: Lanny Pierce
  • USD 5.75: Joshua Brien
  • USD 5: WebMasterX, Michael Feeyand-William Sengstacken
  • USD 2.5: Barry Wright
  • USD 1: Eggintonsworld

I want to give my sincere thanks to these people. Even small donations are appreciated.

If you would like to become a paying donator you can send your payments via PayPal by clicking the button below.