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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many people are downloading and setting up ConquerChat on their personal or business sites. As a result I get a lot of questions from new users wanting to try the chat out for themselves. The list below is a collection of the most frequently asked questions I receive. Please check this list before sending me an email.

The answer may be different depending on the version of ConquerChat you're using. Text encapsulated like [this] shows the version of ConquerChat for which the answer apply.

Q What's the password for the admin page?
A It's "changeme" and should be changed :-)
Q Why is my browser "hanging" when I try to log into the chat?
A You have "Norton" installed and need to avoiding using the "Script blocking" feature.
Q I am getting an error message saying something like "Object required: Application.StaticObjects.Items(...)" when I try to open the default.asp page right after installation. What is wrong?

Make sure you have read the section above about the lines you need in your global.asa file. This file is located in the root of your web server. If you do not have this file, please use the file included with the package (remember to name the file 'global.asa'). Furthermore, you need to check your web server brand. If it is Personal Web Server (PWS), you will have to use an older version of ConquerChat -- see the download section for details.

Q I get this error when entering the default.asp page after installation:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01f4'

Variable is undefined: 'conquerChatUsers'

.../, line 655

A This error is similar to the problem described above.
Q I get this error:

/chat/, line 38
Public Property Get id
A It is caused by an older version of the VBScript engine. You need to upgrade the browser on your machine running the web server (note that clients of your chat doesn't need to have a newer browser). An upgrade to Internet Explorer 5.5 is preferred, however 5.0 will do.
Q Is there any way to increase the number of users in the chat?
A Yes, you are able to set up various settings from the file called [3.2] or inc.config.asp [4.0+]. This file allows you to change the number of users, messages, rooms, room-names, etc. All settings have been thoroughly documented so it should be possible to know what they are doing.
Q I am being told my session has expired every time I log on to the chat. Why?
A [3.2]: If you have modified the rooms in your chat you should (according to the readme.txt) add some lines in your 'default.asp' page. If you have forgot to remove these lines again all users are cleared every time your log on and so you will get the 'session has expired' problem.

This error might also occur if you missed the 'global.asa' configuration. It is necessary to have the objects in your global.asa - please refer to the readme.txt for information about how exactly to insert these into your global.asa file.

[4.0+]: Simply enter the admin module (admin.asp) and click the "initialize" button.

Q How do I change the default rooms?
A [3.2]: From the '' file you are able to change most settings in ConquerChat. It's possible to change the room names and/or number of available rooms. Look at the constant "DEFAULT_ROOMS" and modify this semicolon separated list. In order to make these settings go into effect please set the other constant "INITIALIZING_CHATSYSTEM" to True, then load the default/main page. After having done this you should set back the "INITIALIZING_CHATSYSTEM" constant to False and you're ready to go.

[4.0+]: Simply enter the admin module (admin.asp) and click the "initialize" button.