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 ConquerCam Revision History
 Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Peter Theill, Commanigy

 Revision History
 April 6, 2010 - Released 2.8.3
  ! Setting "Execute on any FTP uploads" was not stored correctly - fixed
 February 4, 2010 - Released 2.8.2
  + Added support for Windows 7 so ConquerCam doesn't need to be started as
    an Administrator
  - Optimized refreshing of active explorer bar
  ! Fixed bug with {cnt} not being replaced in FTP filenames - thanks Dale
  ! Initialize log files to avoid having to patch "config.xml"
 August 26, 2009 - Released 2.8.1
  + Moved logs, cache, config.xml and other user specific files to Windows
    App Data folder instead of the ConquerCam installation folder.
  + Adding "Mail", "Dial", "Access" and "Cam" logs into log viewer so it's
    possible to view and clear all logs.
  ! Fixed issue with log not being properly stored.
 August 5, 2009 - Released 2.8
  + Added initial support for visual styles (Windows XP/Windows Vista)
  - Scheduler dialog updated for consistency moving New, Edit and Delete
    buttons to right side of dialog and moving OK and Cancel to bottom.
  - Improved resize capabilities of Options dialog on Text Captions tab.
  - Improved resize capabilities of Upload locations dialog.
  - Updated default settings for new installations.
  - Updated "Known issues" to describe Windows Vista issue.
  ! Fixed issue with not storing location settings when added through the
    Publish Location wizard.
 July 17, 2009 - Released 2.7
  + All settings are now stored in "config.xml" instead of Registry; allows
    for better portability and is prepared for "Profiles".
  + Added "Test" button for testing mail settings from Options dialog.
  - Updated help file to reflect changes to postal address and price.
  ! Fixed issue with not showing log files through "View Log File" menu.
  ! Fixed issue with "From" field not being properly set when dispatching
    mails. Might cause some mailservers to decline request.
 September 20, 2003 - Released 2.7b3
  + Added "frame_rate" in config file for setting video frame rate.
  + Video compressors can be selected from "Video Devices" section in the
    Options dialog.
  - Moved Video dialogs from 'View | Video *' into Options dialog under item
    'Video Devices'
  - Start/Stop Interval Uploads collected under one menuitem.

 August 14, 2003 - Released 2.7b2
  + Added node for setting videosize and -subtype from the Options dialog.
  ! Fixed problem opening dialog for setting window dimension.
  ! Fixed AV when no camera attached.

 August 10, 2003 - Released 2.7b
  + Using DirectShow to connect to webcams instead of the older VfW
    interface. This results in better cam handling and lower CPU usage.
  + Added 'progressive encoding' and 'jpeg quality' options for thumbnails
    so it doesn't need to use same scheme as fullsize image.
  - Using delay for motion detection when starting application.
  ! Fixed redial issue when minimized and failed to get a dial tone.
  ! Fixed small memory-leak when reading traybar icons.
  ! Thumbnail resize method settings wasn't being honoured. It has now been
    moved to "config.xml".
  ! Fixed "100%" mark not being properly moved on Options dialog resize.
  ! Fixed spelling in 'tipofday.html' file.
  ! Fixed issue with FTP ports above 32656.

 March 09, 2003 - Released 2.6
  + Ability to define own colors for captions instead of using only the
    predefined ones.
  + SMTP authentication added when sending out emails.
  + Thumbnail filename now more flexible by using a {filename} tag which is
    replaced with name of fullsize image.
  ! "To" field wasn't being set when dispatching emails - fixed.
  ! Selecting image from traybar wouldn't open mainwindow anymore - fixed.
  i Header graphic added to Options dialog.
  i Moved out some settings into "config.xml" to ease addition of "profiles"
    in future versions.
  i Added mirror in Germany thanks to Dimitri Vlaanderen.

 December 31, 2002 - Released 2.5.1
  + Added {activewindow} which displays the caption of the currently active
    program window.
  + Improved resize capabilities for thumbnails. It's now possible to define
    different algorithms for the anti-aliasing from the configuration file.
  - Changing default option for {cnt} behavior to 'use rollover'.
  - Increase/decrease motion detection interval with arrow keys.
  ! In captions, ' characters were converted into " - fixed.
  ! Either disconnecting the web cam or disconnecting the network
    connection while ConquerCam was running would eventually make it crash
    with an 'Invalid operation' error - fixed.
  ! Previewing web cam pictures below 320x240 would show 'Camera Preview
    not enabled' message - fixed.
  ! Scheduler dialog wouldn't show correctly on systems using Large Fonts.
  i Added random "Evaluation Version" text to published images when running
    application in an unregistered version.
  i An finally a Happy New Year message for you all :)

 October 26, 2002 - Released 2.5
  + Added possibility to use {cnt} in Text Captions when using the "counter
    adjust" roll. The roll-over will not work since the roll-over is file-
    based thus so the latest generated image is always "0".
  + Now it's possible to both save an AVI file and upload an image upon
    motion detection.
  + Added tag for reading a line from a file. It's possible to specify a
    linenumber as well e.g. {file("c:\quotes.txt"):3} which will get the
    third line in the "quotes.txt" file. A nice feature with this is the
    possibility to use other tags as the line number as well, i.e. you are
    able to write {file("c:\quotes.txt"):{nn}} which gives you a new line
    every minute.
  + Added upper bound for motion sensitivity. It's now possible to specify
    an interval in which to check motion and is commonly used if you do not
    want to detect e.g. some conditions such as a cloud going in front of
    the Sun. This usually results in a 100 percent changed image. This is
    now possible to be filtered out.
  + Added sound event for 'Motion detected'.
  - Redesigned "Options" dialog in order to make room for setting up some
    additional parameters.
  - Heavily reduced flicker when drawing overlay as well as motion grid.
  - Changed message shown when no Camera Preview is available or activated.
  - If user press 'Cancel' while in progress of dialing all grabbed images
    will now be cleared to avoid later upload of these.
  - Dialup code improved to be more fault-tolerant under Windows XP.
  ! Hint for Online/Offline text was incorrect.

 September 29, 2002 - Released 2.2
  + Added configuration option for motion mask.
  + Added mask-image for use with motion detection.
  - Updated help file.
  ! Fixed various typos in application and help-file.
  ! Fixed problem with motion detection not being properly resumed after a
 September 04, 2002 - Released 2.1.1
  - Help file wasn't being displayed when pressing the Help icon.
  - Corrected spelling mistake in About dialog.

 August 18, 2002 - Released 2.1
  + Added ability to use time/date tags in motion detection directory names.
  * Tag "{winamp:title}" now works on newly released WinAMP 3 as well.
  ! Using "Keep connection alive between sessions" and entering the Options
    dialog afterwards would reset the homedirectory and result in multiple
    directories getting created if it wasn't specified as an absolute path.
  ! The image server wouldn't start on startup even though it was enabled
    from the Options dialog.
  ! When starting motion detection as a schedule the 'ReloadDelay' option
    from the configuration file wasn't honored.

 July 27, 2002 - Released 2.1 beta 3
  i Various tests successfully completed.

 July 25, 2002 - Released 2.1 beta 2
  i Internal release.

 July 22, 2002
  - Optimized code changing between preview modes such as Live, Motion,
    Overlay, etc.

 July 21, 2002
  + Added additional blending modes: Color Burn, Overlay, Hard Light,
    Exclusion, Red, Green, Blue and Negation.

 July 20, 2002
  - Moved temporary file to a folder under the ConquerCam installation folder
    instead of the Windows Temp folder. This is done to keep control of files
    generated and not being correctly deleted afterwards.

 July 19, 2002
  - Renamed dynamic caption tag from {dynamic1} to {dynamic}.
  - Gray out "Preview" menuitems when motion detection is active since this
    window will be replaced by the image showing the changed pixels.
  ! Resuming motion detection after having saved an AVI file would use an old
    grabbed image as comparator. Fixed.
  ! JPGs sent back on Image Server requests wasn't using the compression level
    setup in the 'Options' dialog. Fixed.

 July 15, 2002 - Released 2.1 beta 1
  + Added "Dynamic Caption" which allows for quick caption entering. By using
    tag {dynamic1} you will be able to replace this with a text entered from
    Traybar->Dynamic Captions...
  + Added configuration open for setting a format specifier for {cnt} tag so
    it's possible to zero-pad it (1 -> 001, 10 -> 010, etc).

 July 14, 2002
  ! If minimizing ConquerCam while having motion detection enabled the grid
    showing changed pixels would not show when restored - fixed.
  ! Fixed issue with 'Keep connection alive' where home dir wouldn't be used
    on following uploads.
  ! Fixed issue with statusbar not going back to original state if an image
    upload failed.

 July 13, 2002
  + Added Schedule functionality to setup date and time intervals where
    special action must be taken (e.g. start motion detection each Monday at
    04:00 AM).
  + Added explorer bars for Motion Detection, Active Schedules, Video Driver
    Details, Tip of the Day and Latest News.
  + Added possibility to re-upload an image from the Session bar (previously
    it was only possible from the Archived bar).
  - Removed one unnecessary file-creation when publishing to FTP sites.
  ! Fixed bug showing incorrect filesize when uploading thumbnails.

 July 10, 2002
  ! Fixed bug when deleting an archived image. The confirmation prompt would
    be ignored.

 June 20, 2002 - Released 2.0.8
  ! Fixed a couple of access violations caused by starting and stopping motion
  ! Fixed issue with division by zero if no camera found.
 March 25, 2002 - Released 2.0.7
  ! Reimplemented image server to serve images faster and include 'no-cache'
    flag to avoid browsers caching the image.
 March 12, 2002 - Released 2.0.6
  ! Image server did not send back an image - fixed.
 March 9, 2002 - Released 2.0.5
  ! Security issue with Image Server. It was possible to get files in the
    ConquerCam directory if the name was guessed - fixed.

 March 2, 2002
  + Added 'Delete File' action in Archived view.
  - Changed type of FTP Port to allow values above 32767.
  - Changed default filenames for log files.
  ! Filenames on full-sized image and its thumbnail were not fully in sync
    which would cause some problems especially if a script is using the images
    uploaded to an FTP server - fixed.

 January 20, 2002 - Released 2.0.4
  + Thumbnails were not saved when using a Local Publish Location.
  - Help file updated.
  ! Online/offline state not correctly recognized when activating certain
    types of LAN connections - fixed.
 January 18, 2002
  ! Sound Events not correctly inserted into Registry - fixed.

 January 13, 2002
  + Thumbnail of last uploaded image added to traybar menu.

 January 5, 2002 - Released 2.0.3
  ! Fixed a problem with temporarily files generated when uploading images.
    Most of the files wasn't deleted afterwards and this could lead to a large
    amount of temporarily files in your systems TEMP folder.
 January 1, 2002
  - Uses .jpg as default when saving an image using "Save As..."
 December 12, 2001
  + New configuration options added in 'configuration.ini' for setting cache
    size, log filenames, etc.
  + Split up log files in 'ftp, dial, mail, access and cam' logs in order to
    figure out what's going on. All log files are placed in "logs" directory.

 November 21, 2001
  ! Fixed Access Violation if motion detection was toggled on/off before it
    was initial started.
 November 17, 2001
  + Added icon for 'Overview' bar.
  ! Fixed problem with saving image without extension in 'Image View' dialog.
 November 17, 2001 - Released 2.0.2
  ! Fixed problem with upload to FTP servers using Passive Mode (PASV).
  ! Fixed resize problems.
 November 12, 2001 - Released 2.0.1
  ! Selected Video Driver wasn't selected if the Option dialog wasn't opened
    on a clean installation - fixed.
  ! Sometimes a couple of pixels were cut when rearranging menus - fixed.
 November 11, 2001
  ! FTP passwords was not saved correctly when using Wizard.
  ! Adding a FTP site or Local folder did not enable 'Edit' and 'Delete'
    buttons for the upload locations.

 October 30, 2001 - Released 2.0
  - Improved dial up code to be more fault tolerant.

 October 28, 2001
  + When motion is detected it now waits five seconds before resuming. This
    avoids having a lot of images uploaded to your web site. The five second
    delay is configurable from the 'configuration.ini' file.
  + When uploading a detected image to a FTP site the Overview Bar is now
    updated as well.
  ! Fixed problem with mail sender inserting full name instead of e-mail

 October 27, 2001
  + Motion detection will now continue after motion has been detected and any
    evidence grabbed. In order to make this useful when grabbing AVI files the
    user should use a tag (e.g. {hh} or {ss}) in the filename.
  + Motion detection now starts automatically if you start ConquerCam with the
    /motion command-line parameter or if your previous instance where stopped
    while having motion detection enabled.
  ! Fixed resource leak when capturing AVI files in motion detection. An image
    was not being deallocated correctly. 
 October 25, 2001
  - Removed sizegrip from main window and disallowed possibility to resize the
    main window. It's not able to maximize main window nor use the 'Resize
    window to Fit' menu item.
 August 9, 2001
  ! Fixed problem with file lock when uploading to FTP sites. When getting
    hold of existing files it will now only lock for 'write' instead of lock-
    ing file for both read/write. This fixed a strange behavior with IIS4 web
    servers which obtain a 'read' lock on images returned to clients (i.e.

 August 7, 2001
  + The web cam is now 'ping'ed every 2nd minute while minimized into traybar.
    This enables the camera to auto-adjust for brightness and thus get a bet-
    ter image when using interval uploads.

 August 5, 2001
  + Added 'Save As...' popup menu item to image box shown when double-clicking
    one of the thumbnails.
 August 2, 2001
  - All temporary images are now stored in a correct Windows Temp folder with
    a unique name in order to handle access rights on NTFS systems correctly
    and to ensure a file doesn't get overwritten before having been displayed.

 July 25, 2001 - Released 2.0 beta 6
  - Updated help file to include description of new features.

 June 16, 2001
  + Added option for publishing image when starting ConquerCam instead of
    waiting for first publish interval to have been reached.
 June 14, 2001
  ! The dial-up connection most of the times disconnected before an image was
    entirely uploaded if the 'disconnect after upload' option was checked. The
    problem was a change in the internal way of handling multiple simultanous
    uploads - fixed.
 May 30, 2001
  ! Cutted a couple of pixels of capture window when used the 'rezise to fit'
    option - fixed.
 April 21, 2001 - Released 2.0 beta 5
  ! Fixed a bug in the installation procedure making the Setup window wait 
    for ConquerCam to shut down.
 April 13, 2001
  ! Fixed problem with image being released too soon from the Archived view.
    This would cause an Access Violation. Thanks to Troy Davis.

 April 12, 2001
  ! Fixed memory leak with Local Folder storage.
 April 11, 2001 - Released 2.0 beta 4
  i Updated help files.

 April 10, 2001
  + Added thumbnails option for uploaded images.

 April 8, 2001
  + Logging IP address of users requesting images to FTP log file as well.

 April 7, 2001
  + Added new 'itime' tag for captions and filenames in order to the use the
    Internet Time format as defined by Swatch's ITime beats (e.g. @471).
  + The traybar icon now automatically adds itself if it was removed after an
    Explorer crash.
  - Extended FTP timeout from 60 to 120 seconds.
  - The Offline Image feature now allow users to store an offline file, but
    not necessarily use it when disconnecting from a site.
  - Scrolls new Caption items automatically into view when created as well as
    makes it visible as default.
  ! Fixed bug when aligning captions to bottom left corner of the screen.

 April 5, 2001
  ! Fixed Access Violation when opening the 'readme.txt' from the archived

 April 4, 2001 - Released 2.0 beta 3
  i Started designing sample HTML pages to be included in final release.

 April 2, 2001
  + Added Cross Fading to Cam Applet.
 April 1, 2001
  - The 'Seconds to next capture' information is not written in the statusbar
    instead of the caption of the main window. Furthermore, the text will use
    seconds/minutes/hours/days instead of just seconds.
  - It's not possible anymore to start/stop interval upload by left-clicking
    the traybar icon. You now have to right-click and select the appropriate
  ! The "stay on top" functionality was being disabled, if the user opened a
    window and then shifted out to another not-ConquerCam window.

 March 31, 2001
  + Added support for offline publishing of images. ConquerCam will now upload
    an offline image to the upload location if this has been selected. However
    be aware the image doesn't get uploaded if ConquerCam is closed using File
    Exit or Windows is closing down. When one of these actions appear we just
    have to quickly shut down any pending FTP sessions and thus making a new
    connection would be beneficial.
  + New menuitem for opening the Video drivers 'Compression Dialog'.

 March 29, 2001
  - Does not use Clipboard to store temporary images anymore. It shouldn't
    have been used in the first place, but stuck with the two beta releases
    in order to give you a feeling of the motion detection feature. 

 March 28, 2001 - Released 2.0 beta 2
  ! Frames Per Second rate for Preview window was not saved in Registry.
  ! The button for selecting an AVI file location was not active.

 March 27, 2001 - Released 2.0 beta 1
  + Motion Detection feature added thus you are able to store an AVI file or
    upload an image if motion has been detected in the view area.
  ! When deleting the first publish location no other location would be
    selected. Fixed.

 March 25, 2001
  + Added Retry button to the 'Unable to take control of your web cam' dialog.
    This button will try to reestablish control, e.g. if you have closed the
    other application using it.

 March 24, 2001
  + Added mail support in order to send out an email on FTP site uploads.
 March 22, 2001
  + The Upload location combobox is now alphabetically sorted.
  + It's now possible to upload an archived image to the active upload site.
  i Finished Wizard for adding of new Local Folder locations.

 March 18, 2001
  ! The main window would collapse to a minimal view, if no Preview window
    was available on startup and the 'Resize To Fit' option was enabled. This
    has now been fixed so the minimal preview area is 160x120.

 March 03, 2001
  ! Saving an image from the Preview window would ask for the name of the
    image before it was grabbed. After having picked the location and name for
    the image, it would be grabbed, resulting in an more up-to-date version of
    the image than you thought. This has now been fixed.
 February 28, 2001
  ! Unable to save local images using the {cnt} value if they was not placed
    in a directory relative to ConquerCam. Fixed bug by appending folder info
    to filename. Thanks to Udo Schake for reporting this.
 February 27, 2001
  - Optimized Camera preview to show only the overlay image when it is used,
    e.g. when you have the Options dialog opened.
 February 25, 2001
  ! Fixed bug with interval upload state. If you disabled it, selected the
    Options dialog and then pressed Cancel, the Interval Upload would again be

 February 17, 2001
  + Added icon for displaying status of image server in the statusbar.
  + Added dropdown menu for starting, stopping and configurating image server.
  + Added menuitem for showing FTP log from statusbar.
  + When moving the splitterbar between the Overview Bar and Preview Window
    the main window now uses it 'resize to fit' option to enlarge or subtract
    its window dimension. 

 February 14, 2001
  + Added a wizard for creating a new FTP Publish Location.

 February 9, 2001
  + Added progress bar when uploading image.
  + Added sound event when image is requested from image server.

 January 24, 2001
  i Closing the 1.x version of ConquerCam. I have a lot of feature requests
    from users for which I have to decide if they should be present in the
    next major release (which will be 2.0).

 January 23, 2001 - Released 1.94
  - I finally decided to remove the advertisement from ConquerCam. A lot of
    users have complained about this and since it wasn't giving me any reve-
    nue at all thanks to a bug in the Radiate ( software I was
    using, I decided to trash it.
 January 21, 2001 - Released 1.93
  * Updated help file.
 January 15, 2001
  + Added menu items for selecting the frame per second to grab from the web
  - Changed image displayed when connecting to ad server.
  ! Checks for installed RAS on machine before calling methods on the .dll
    file. This would be a problem, when ConquerCam tried to enumerate its RAS
    connections in the Options dialog.

 January 13, 2001 - Released 1.92
  - Added icon in dialog shown at startup if multiple web cams is available on
    the system.
 January 11, 2001
  ! Fixed bug on 'Publish Locations' window with Large Fonts. The window was
    not resized properly thus most controls would be out of reach.
 January 9, 2001
  ! Text Caption wasn't updating its position when a date/time changed, e.g.
    if you went from July to August you have a couple more characters but the
    (x, y) position would stay the same -- fixed.

 January 5, 2001 - Released 1.92b2
  - Removed the check for multiple instances of ConquerCam. If user has mul-
    tiple web cams attached to their system, it wouldn't otherwise be possible
    to publish from both of them.
  - If you started the Image Server on a port in use you would get an error
    dialog telling you it was unable to bind to this port. This has now been
    changed to print an errormessage in the statusbar. 
 January 4, 2001
  ! When dialing up using the Dial Up Connections feature you might get an
    Access Violation if the connection wasn't finished because the image was
    going to be published. The Dial In has been greatly improved and all bugs
    in this area seems to have been eliminated.
  - The 'Open Dialog' in our Options dialog when selecting new 'wav' files 
    will now default to the 'waves' directory.
 January 3, 2001
  ! Fixed a problem with saving GIF images. All images would be reduced to
    256 colors (max number of colors in a GIF) but the reduce method used
    would result in very bad-looking images.
 January 2, 2001
  + Made an image for 'Resize Window To Fit' feature and added the button to
    the toolbar. 

 January 1, 2001 - Released 1.92b1
  - Made final tests.

 December 31, 2000
  - The FTP Log Viewer is not modal anymore and a Reload button has been added
    for quick refreshing of the log.
  - The Image Viewer has been beautified to include caption, dimension and
    colors of image in a better way (prior versions showed it all in the
    caption of the window).
  - Changed the implementation of Rolling Names thus image zero ALWAYS is the
    latest grab. Other images will be 'pushed' down and finally removed. E.g.
    if you have your rolling names value on 3, you will have three images and
    image 0 will contain latest grab; image 2 oldest.
 December 30, 2000
  ! The Local Folder option for executing on FTP uploads was not read from
    the Registry - fixed.
 December 28, 2000
  ! Only a white image would be uploaded if the Preview screen was disabled.

 December 25, 2000 - Released 1.91
  + It's now possible to save a local copy on FTP uploads again (this feature
    was temporarily removed in 1.9).
  ! Fixed bug in FTP upload where you would end up in the root of the FTP
    server if you didn't specified a directory.
  ! When using the internal counter {cnt} tag in Sites, it would be increased
    at double speed -- fixed.

 December 23, 2000 - Released 1.9
  *  Removed debugging information.
 December 21, 2000
  + It's now possible to close FTP log viewer by pressing ESC.
  + Rolling filename AND folder names are now supported on both FTP and local
 December 16, 2000
  - Fixed minor UI problem with Apply button in Options dialog. It would
    repaint itself when OK was clicked.

 December 10, 2000
  * Redesigned most of the Options dialog to prepare ConquerCam to support
    grab from multiple webcams and use rolling filenames on FTP upload.

 October 31, 2000 - Released 1.81
  * Refactored a couple of classes.

 October 28, 2000
  + Shows Online/Offline status in statusbar.
  + Added a new item 'Archive Image' to popupmenu in Session Bar.
  ! Went leak hunting and found to my big surprise actually four not so minor
    memoryleaks. These has now been plugged.

 October 21, 2000
  + Added Dial-up Connection settings thus you are able to select a dial up
    connection to use when publishing images using a modem.
 October 20, 2000
  * HTTP Server is now able to handle multiple requests a bit better by doing
    some smarter share locking.

 October 18, 2000
  ! Fixed minor memoryleak.
  - Resize To Window is now only enabled when it isn't resized to fit the
    window. Furthermore, the window resizes itself, when turning on/off
    overviewbar, advertisement, etc if it was previously resized to fit.
 October 17, 2000
  ! Helpfile path was not set correctly - fixed.

 October 10, 2000 - Released 1.8
  + Checkboxes now working.
  - Added software ID for tracking ads.
 September 28, 2000
  + Added checkboxes on Text Captions tab; still needs to update UI correctly
    when marking/unmarking items on the fly, though.

 September 19, 2000
  + Added new checkbox in Options dialog in order to turn on/off logging of
    FTP access. Default value is true, but if the file is getting to big or
    you don't need to actually log all events to your FTP site, you are able
    to turn this state off.

 September 15, 2000
  i Released 1.8 to internal test.
 September 13, 2000
  ! You was not able to use Interval Upload with Local Save if no FTP sites
    were defined - fixed.
  ! Saving option for 'show minimize into tray dialog', 'preview window' and
    other settings was not saved properly between sessions - fixed.

 September 11, 2000
  i Added Commercial Advertisement section. I am preparing ConquerCam to be
    ad based, thus you don't need to register in order to use it. However, you
    still needs to register, if you want to get rid of the Ad banner.

 September 10, 2000
  ! A readme.txt was not shown when opening an empty archived folder as it was
    intended. Fixed.

 September 9, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.71
  + Added option 'Use temporary file while uploading' to FTP dialog. This
    setting is used, when the FTP site doesn't understand the rename command.
  - FTP section in Options dialog has been redesigned in order to extend it
    with further controls in the future.

 August 27, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.7

 August 27, 2000
  + Move Up/Down Captions added on 'Text Captions' tab in Options dialog.
  + Copy Text Caption added on 'Text Captions' tab in Options dialog.
  + Able to change Port number for Image Server.

 August 23, 2000
  + Image Server is now working properly though using a static defined Port

 August 13, 2000
  i Image Server is starting to take shape -- it is now possible to send an
    image back, when a client connects (and requests) a document. I still a
    problem with handling multiple simultaneous requests, though.

 August 1, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.63
  + Passive (PASV) transfer Mode added to FTP Sites options. This enables you
    to connect to FTP servers using this (e.g. when connecting through certain
    types of firewalls).
  i Updated website links to point to address.

 July 30, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.62
  + Close image windows with ESC key
  - Copy/Cut/Paste from edit fields in Options dialog was not working since
    it conflicted with shortcut key for saving a snapshot into Clipboard.
  ! Was not updating captured image when changing certain settings in Options
  ! Changing FTP site to localsave was not going into effect immediately.

 July 29, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.61
  + Accurate compressed images are stored in Session bar thus you are able to
    see how an image you have uploaded looks like.
  - Images in Session bar are now stored with newest in *top* of window thus
    making it unecessary to scroll down a list to see newer images.
  - Added small 16x16 bitmap for Options menu item.
  - Added small 16x16 bitmap for Preview menu item.
  ! Fixed problem with not saving some settings when Windows was being shut
    shut down while ConquerCam was running.

 July 26, 2000
  - Now only stores last 10 grabbed images in Session Bar in order to limit
    memory usage.
 July 25, 2000
  ! Changed 'immidiately' to 'immediately' in hint.

 July 19, 2000
  ! Overlay images was not using correct algorithm when finding a transparent
    color - fixed.
  ! If FTP site was defined to use 'keep connection alive' you wouldn't be
    able to disconnect properly, if one of your login attems failed - fixed.

 July 18, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.6
  + Added help support for Local Save area.

 July 16, 2000
  ! Images were actually transferred using ASCII mode. This might mess up the
    transfer terribly. It has now been corrected to use binary mode. Thanks to
    Remco Brink for reporting this problem.
  + Added Local Save features for saving images to local harddrive. I still
    need to update help for this new feature thus I guess it's only a 1/2 +.

 July 15, 2000
  + Shows a popup hint in Options->Upload tab for selected FTP. This hint give
    you information about hostname and port for selected sitename.
  i Made almost entire implementation of a 'Local Save' feature. It should be
    possible to save a range of images on your local harddrive without sending
    them to a FTP site. I still need to make a better way of typing in a
    pattern for filenames.
  - Main window now *always* close to traybar when clicked on cross in top
  	right of window (or user clicks Alt+F4). In previous versions, it would
    only minimize to tray, if a FTP upload site was defined and interval
    upload was actually in progress -- this seemed a bit confusing though. You
    now will have to right-click icon and select close to quit ConquerCam; and
    this is probably also what 99% of the users actually wants.
  - Session bar now stored images posted to FTP sites and now images grabbed
  	from your webcam -- this gives a much better view of what actually has
    been posted to your FTP site.
  ! Fixed memory leak (aaargh) in routine generating thumbnails for left
    Session and Archived bars.
  ! When minimizing main window, you would see a dialog with an image showing
    a traybar. This image would look akward, if you wasn't running in 32bit
    colors; this has been fixed.

 July 09, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.5
  - New FTP implementation has made upload a bit faster and safer. Furthermore
    more descriptive log messages are stored in the FTP log.
  - Move controls around on 'Upload' tab in 'Options' dialog in order to show
    possibility of selecting an upload site without having interval upload
  - When defining new FTP site, hostname field will be focused as this is the
    usual field to fill in afterwards.
  - When saving an image from Session View, it's name will now default to use
    caption, i.e. time of grabbing.
  - Added maxlength of three on two fields on Upload tab in Options dialog.
  - Removed "What's this?" popup menu from text fields on FTP Sites tab in
    Options dialog. This menu made it impossible to copy and paste text from
    other captions.
  * When reading information from Registry, these will be checked for validaty
    before being used. This makes it a bit more comfortable to update from
    older versions of ConquerCam.

 July 08, 2000
  ! Copy button was not enabled in FTP Log View dialog. Fixed.
 July 02, 2000 - Released ConquerCam
  + Left single-click on traybar icon will start/stop interval upload.
  ! Selected video device wasn't properly stored when changed - fixed.

 July 01, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.4.4
  + Number of seconds to next upload will be shown in caption bar.
  + Added 'start/stop' features to icon in traybar.
  + If interval is enabled, closing the application will minimize to traybar
    and a dialog will be shown if it's the first time the user sees it.
  + New icons in traybar for showing state of interval upload.
  + A list of Video Devices will be shown at first ConquerCam startup. Once a
    web cam has been selected, this will be used in future sessions (or until
    the user selects another).
  ! Correct minor bug in helpfile making a web link fail.
  - Changed 'Unknown' to 'Untitled' default title when creating new FTP sites.
 June 30, 2000
  + Added listbox of installed video devices on ConquerCam startup. This will
    make it possible for completely new users to select the webcam they want
    to use.

 June 29, 2000
  + Added combobox for selecting Video Driver. I still need to make some test
    on this and document it in Help file.
 June 28, 2000
  - More loggin added for FTP bug research.
  i I _need_ to add a list of web cam drivers available on the system, since
    you might not be able to use ConquerCam otherwise. I thought we were able
    use View->Source for picking new devices, but that's not the case.
 June 27, 2000
  + Added toolbar with Start/Stop items for control of automatic interval
    upload and item with time left for next upload.
 June 26, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.4.3
  ! Fixed bug saving passwords with special characters.
  ! If connection failed, the uploading image would still be showing.
 June 25, 2000
  - Only shows 'View->Source...' and 'View->Format...' menu items if these
    are actually avaialable for selected driver.
 June 23, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.4.2
  + Help files are now up-to-date with new Overview Bar description and with
    new screenshots for changed menus.

 June 22, 2000
  + Finished first version of session and archived images overview bar. We
    still needs a lot of features on these, e.g. upload image, delete image,
    move to archived, etc -- these will come in later versions.
  - Removed 'Released date' from About box - it looked confusing.

 June 20, 2000
  - Implemented load of archived images from a special directory.

 June 19, 2000
  - Working on an Overview Bar which contains a list of currently grabbed
    images (i.e. in this session) and archive images (i.e. all images stored
    in a special folder).

 June 16, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.4.1
  + Added FTP log for researching connecting problems, etc.
  ! Fix a bug in About box making email link unclickable.

 June 12, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.4
  - Now checks for valid numeric input in upload interval fields.
  + Support for connecting via Proxy server.
 June 10, 2000
  + Added popup menu to video stream, making it possible to save and publish
    images a bit faster.

 June 9, 2000
  + A thumbnail of uploading image is now being showed when sending a grabbed
    image to your FTP site. 

 June 6, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.3
  + A optional wave file is now played on image grab and on image-is-about-

 June 5, 2000
  ! Fixed bug making ConquerCam stay in the background, when trayicon were
    double clicked.
  - Changed tray icon to match 16x16 application icon.
  + Implemented all GUI for notification sounds for upload warning and snap-
    shots grabbing. Still needs to actually call wave file in correct time.
 June 4, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.2
  + Added ability to load GIF format in overlay images.
  + It's now possible to save screenshots (File->Save As..) in .bmp, .gif and
    .jpg format.

 June 3, 2000
  - Some default settings added for Options dialog, e.g. an overlay image and
    some text showing date and time information in lower right corner.
  ! Overlay preview wasn't showing correct transparency color when it was
    shown the very first time - fixed.
  + Added Progressive Encoding to JPEG images.
 June 1, 2000
  ! Connection dialog did show up even though I thought I fixed it in previous
  ! Fixed a problem, which could scramble tray icon hint.
  ! Link to FAQ page in help file wasn't working - fixed. 

 May 29, 2000 - Released ConquerCam 1.1
  - Prints a message in statusbar if unable to connect; no dialog is shown.

 May 27, 2000
  ! Temporary image is now stored in application directory and not directory
    in which ConquerCam was started.
  - Failed to connection dialog is only shown once per session it user decides
    to cancel the opening the first time.

 May 25, 2000
  ! Unable to find help file - fixed.
  - It was possible to run multiple instances of application.
  - Cleaning up temporary image files.

 May 25, 2000 at 00:50 - Released ConquerCam 1.0
  - First public release.

 May 24, 2000
  ! Fixed Windows Startup bug.
  ! Fixed bug when uploading image.

 May 23, 2000
  ! Fixed pointer bug in registration procedure.
  - Updated web site; preparing for launch.

 May 22, 2000
  - Minor changes to registration procedure.

 May 21, 2000
  - Did a little research of my registration procedure. I want it to be more
    easy to use (main concern), but at the same time I have to make a number
    of checks in order to make it a bit harder to crack.

 May 20, 2000
  + Encryption of registration key implemented.
  + Web site updated.

 May 19, 2000
  + Updated help file with settings for transparency dialog.
  + Add a lot of new features for caption constants.
  + Web site got a sceenshots menuitem.

 May 18, 2000
  - Minor changes in overlay image dialog.

 May 17, 2000
  + Implemented window for picking a transparent color on your overlay image.
    I started making a very simple method for doing so, where user had to type
    in RGB values. This has been discarded and replaced with a nice window,
    in which you are able to type in the RGB values or pick the color with
    your mouse.

 May 16, 2000
  i No progress; had to make web site changes.

 May 15, 2000
  + Some of the overlay effects are now running as wanted.

 May 14, 2000
  + Added a "What's This?" popup menu to all items in Options dialog. This
    menu provides easy access to all context help.
  - Interval FTP upload improved.
  ! Problem changing upload interval types. Fixed.

 May 13, 2000
  - Worked on help file. Added HelpContext for all controls in Options dialog.

 May 12, 2000
  + Added context help to Help file.

 May 11, 2000
  + Help File optimised a bit.

 May 10, 2000
  + Web Site has been improved, by replacing commonly used sections of code
    with one routine, etc.

 May 9, 2000
  i Nothing :o(, since I had lot of stuff to do on my regular job.

 May 8, 2000
  + Save/Restore position of Settings dialog.
  + Made installation procedure, of course using Inno Setup.

 May 7, 2000
  - Worked on web site

 May 6, 2000
  + Update Upload sites combo when FTP sites are added, renamed or deleted.
  + Upload intervals need to start/stop timer and upload to active site.

 May 5, 2000
  - Traybar Notification research and some implemented.

 May 4, 2000
  - Worked on Help file

 May 3, 2000
  - Updated help and made minor changes in overall system
  - Added 'Save As...' feature.

 May 3, 2000
  - Continued on Help system.

 May 2, 2000
  - Worked on About dialog.

 May 1, 2000
  - Worked on Help File. Added tutorial for setting up ConquerCam and made
    new topic for describing windows.

 April 30, 2000
  - Started implemented Help for ConquerCam. I've chose to use Help And Manual
    as Help 'generator', though I remembered I have had some problems with it
    in prior projects. It seems to have growned to be great bugfree product,
    thus I think I'll continue using it. It enables HTMLHelp too, though I
    have decided to NOT implemented it in ConquerCam release 1.0 after all.
    There is way to much troubles with it.

 April 29, 2000
  - No progress.

 April 28, 2000
  + Only disconnects from FTP site if 'Keep Alive' state is true on active
  - Doesn't use clipboard to capture images anymore.

 April 27, 2000
  - Researched alpha blending and tray notification area.

 April 26, 2000
  - Updated some handling of FTP connections.
  - Moved messages to constants.h file.

 April 25, 2000
  i Continued working on alphablending.

 April 24, 2000
  + Overlay options are applied on preview and publish.
  i Played around with alphablending, which is a new feature in Windows 98 and
    up systems. I can't see to make my bitmap transparent and _then_ apply an
    alphablend ... pretty strange.

 April 23, 2000
  + Stay On Top feature implemented.
  + Start ConquerCam on Windows boot feature implemented.
  + Stores size and position of main window.
  + Added about box.
  i Rearranged code for reading/writing state into Registry and made a couple
    of more fallback values available.
  i Made research for 'Baloon tips' feature available in Windows 2000. This
    enables us to show a nice tooltip, when e.g. we're about to grab an image
    from the webcam.

 April 22, 2000
  i No progress - worked on another project.

 April 21, 2000
  + Added option for selecting which FTP site to use when uploading images in
  - Now applies all captions when Options dialog is shown.
  - Now applies overlay image and style when Options dialog is shown.

 April 20, 2000
  + Finished implementation of multiple FTP sites handling, e.g. by adding the
    add method.
  + Added some small icons for add, rename and delete FTP sites ... and I
    _like_ 'em.

 April 19, 2000
  + Added support for handling multiple FTP sites in 'FTP' section of Options
    dialog. Implemented store/retrieve/rename/delete methods, but lacks the
    add method. I'm trying to find an optimal solution for maintain state
    between dialog/application/registry and it seems to be a little bit too
    much copying, when working with pointer lists.

 April 18, 2000
  + Positions for text captions implemented.
  i Rearranged components in options dialog.

 April 17, 2000
  - Optimised image handling of on-the-fly previews for overlay and captions.
  i Nothing much else; used most of the day to watch 'Eyes Wide Shut'.

 April 16, 2000
  + Finised TextCaption class for storing an array of captions.
  + Implemented TextCaption class to already done code ... which unfortunately
    resulted in a four hours bug hunting :o(
  i Options dialog is undergoing to rearranging changes since I'm not fully
    pleased with the current layout.

 April 15, 2000
  + Features for text captions have been added so you are able to have change
    fontname, fontsize, fontstyle, fontcolor, direction, x- and y-position for
    each item.
  i Started building special class for handling text captions in order to give
    the current implementation a boost.
  i Solution found on yesterdays problem. It seems like the error occurs, if
    C++ Builder can't find a needed .dcu file. Make sure you update 'Library'
    paths in 'Project Options'.

 April 14, 2000
  + Builded GUI for adding captions to a grabbed image.
  i Working with the redicules error: "Expected a file name: ." I will have
    to find the problem causing this soon.

 April 13, 2000
  + Checks for invalid hostname and pops up a dialog box asking user if the
    Options dialog should be opened.

 April 12, 2000
  + Progressbar on FTP upload
  + Keep Alive property added in Options dialog

 April 11, 2000
  + FTP upload mechanism improved.
  + JPG image creation improved.
  * Testing text addition for grabbed image.

 April 10, 2000
  + Ability to save and restore all options in 'Options' dialog in registry.

 April 09, 2000
  + Added support for image options like compression on JPG, progressive en-
    coding, grayscale and for overlay images using all default methods as
    found in standard BitBlt Win32 API call.

 April 08, 2000
  + Implemented most core functions, e.g. taking a snapshot from the webcam,
    creating a jpg image, connecting to FTP site and finally uploading the
    actual image.

 April 07, 2000
  i Initial startup, i.e. building new directory structure, making research
    for useful books, magazines, sites, etc.

  -   Feature change      +   Feature added
  *   Internal feature    !   Bugfix
  #   Notice!             i   Information
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