A lot of users have ask me, if I have completely decided to stop working on FontLister, since no version has been released for over two years. I know this is a long time to wait for an update, but it has been too hard for me to keep working on it, fixing reported bugs, answering tons of emails, etc.

However, the last couple of weeks, I have been getting some more spare time and have decided to stop development on FontLister as it is and started working on a completely rewrite of it; making it at least as user-friendly and fast as FontLister. I know a lot of users have reported general major changes, e.g. support for uninstalled Adobe Type1 fonts, possibility to temporarily install a set/group of fonts, etc. The list can go on :o)

It would be too cumbersome to append these major changes to FontLister as it is implemented today thus my new release will be prepared for all these new features. I have decided to make a new announcement list for this, since it's still in an alpha, alpha release and will not (in its first couple of versions) have all features available in FontLister 3.4.9.

If you would like to get notified of any updates, subscribe to the FontLister announcement list.

Now, if you have any feature requests you would like to have in a completely new version, please tell me at

I cannot promise I will response to all emails, but you can be sure I *do* read and consider all received emails. The reason for sending me an email is to give me a better idea of which features I need to be able to support in future releases.