This page contains the latest news about FontLister 4.0.

date description
2004-01-17 Updated test release. Auto creating groups folder if it doesn't exist. Added initial Options dialog; improved loading of font collections; more menu-items.
2004-01-02 New test release uploaded. Create folder "groups" where you install the application and drag TrueType or OpenType fonts into this folder; they will automatically be shown in the left bottom panel.
2003-12-28 Updated test release with a bit more functionality. Still very, very limited.
2003-12-27 Added test release using .NET framework. See download section.
2001-03-29 Added new screenshot of the main window when the "one-liner" has been expanded.
2001-03-01 I have uploaded a screenshot showing the main screen as it will look like in the final version.