problems I'm aware of, but yet have to be fixed

A lot of users reports problems they find when using FontLister. I really appreciate this feedback, but I get a lot of emails with the same bug-description. This is why I've made this page. If you have one of the listed problems/bugs/issues, you should avoid mailing me about it, since I'm aware of its presence, unless you're able to help me with the information I specifically request (in the Requested Info column). I'll try to fix all these issues as fast as possible starting with the highest priority.

My priority scale is ranging from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). I'll work very hard on 10 and 9 priorities (should be fixed within a max. of five days), 8 and 7 will be fixed for next release and low priorities (below 5) will be handled when I get the time for it.

I'm working on a 'vote-system' which will make it possible to vote on an issues and thus giving it a higher priority, but I'm not sure when this system will be functional. 

Description Priority Requested Info

When you're printing fonts, you might notice that the font name and filename will be printed in the bottom on a page, but the actual font sample will be shown in the top of the following page. This problem is often referred to as "keep with orphan" and it's pretty annoying, when printing multiple pages.

5 n/a

(All?) Adobe Type1 fonts will print in bold and/or italic styles regardless of your "Options > Styles" setting.

Version of installed Adobe TypeManager.
Your computer may run out of memory when you're trying to print a large amount (200 fonts and up) of fonts at once. This is caused by the way FontLister loads the fonts into memory. Instead of loading all fonts, it should only load a subset, send it to the printer and then unload it. This should be done multiple times to ensure enough memory for all printed fonts. 3 n/a
Print Preview will cause an Access Violation if it's closed or minimized while creating a preview. 8 n/a
Setting orientation in Page Setup doesn't work properly. You'll have to set it again, if you enter Print Preview before printing your fonts. 5 n/a
Ctrl+V (paste) will always paste text into the 'Edit Window'. This is annoying when trying to e.g. paste some text into one of the 'header/footer' boxes. 8 n/a
FontLister is very slow at startup. It might take between 15 to 30 seconds to start it up. This is an unacceptable bug, but it's very hard for me to find the cause, since I don't have this problem myself. 7
A complete description of your system.